Business Promotion

Promoção Empresarial

Business promotion encompasses a whole set of initiatives where the main scope is to promote and publicize a company, its services and values to the general public or other entities of interest.

It can be used in the most different sectors and promotional acts, which are closely linked to corporate marketing. More than just advertising, business promotion is also about holding events or participating in fairs, either in direct contact with the public or via the web. A wide range of numerous solutions, where the main purpose is to make known your company.

With SBA Emprenda it is possible to design the best promotion strategy for your company, through a specialized team that accompanies and enhances your ideas, in the constant support from its initial conception until its implementation in the corporate market.

About SBA Empreenda

SBA Empreenda assumes itself as an entrepreneur support entity, through our services SBA Empresas & SBA Training, aiming to enhance, support and develop new projects, new ideas or business restructuring.

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