Market studies

Estudo de Mercado

Doing a market study is a must before you start or reevaluate a business.

The Market Study has the general objectives of analyzing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a given market niche, in order to perceive if the market for the potential business is favorable and ideal.

SBA Empreenda has a team of consultants with competencies to elaborate a market study so that your business is a success story.

A marking study is based on six essential points:

  • Market segmentation
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Target Market Needs
  • Competition Study
  • Identification of barriers to entry
  • Regulation


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SBA Empreenda assumes itself as an entrepreneur support entity, through our services SBA Empresas & SBA Training, aiming to enhance, support and develop new projects, new ideas or business restructuring.

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