Google AdWords Campaign Management

What is adwords?

Gestao campanha adwordsGoogle AdWords is an advertising system created by Google, where the advertiser only pays when the audience clicks on their ads. These ads appear across the network if Google services (Search Engine, Gmail, Google+, YouTube, etc.).

Advantages of using the service:

Help customers find your business - Attract new visitors to the website, increase online sales, receive phone calls, or loyalty customers.

Reach customers across the Web - You can reach potential customers by using relevant websites across the Web. It has a wide range of options, allowing you to target by type of website, type of audience, the most appropriate time and place.

Reach your customers on any device - In today's mobile world, it's imperative to advertise on every device your customers use on a daily basis, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone / smartphone. So when customers are browsing, browsing, or buying, your business is always there.

Measurable, reliable and flexible - With Google AdWords, you can see how many people saw your ads and the percentage of people who clicked to visit your website or called your business.

If you do not have visitors you do not pay - You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website ie when your advertising reaches the intended objectives.


Gestao campanha adwords

Why use a Google Adwords campaign management service?

We follow the Industryinnovations - We are always interested in the latest industry's news.

Daily optimizations keep us focused - We work with AdWords and PPC in general every day, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is what keeps us updated in what concerns all activities related to research on the net.


You probably think that Google has created Adwords in a simple way, so why should you invest in campaign management? The truth is simple, Adwords seems easy, but after a careful analysis, we quickly come to the conclusion that it requires deep knowledge of the tool to maximize results and monetize all the investment made.


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